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Here are a few nice words from people we've worked with over the years ...

Absolutely lovely team at Calltime - Vicki and Tam - have the resources, knowledge and support to get you through the ropes and help you learn how to get through in to the industry. From your first day on set to being a fully fledged confidant and resourceful pa… whether big scale or small budget they’re a great way in. If you put the work in, they’ll help you get there.

Ben Robles-Acosta


I will always be incredibly grateful to CallTime for taking me on and giving me the opportunities I needed to get to where I am now. I honestly don’t know how I would have broken into film without them! I’d tried for years to make film contacts on my own, but never quite got my foot in the door.
After discovering CallTime’s Training days and using their excellent advice, I was accepted into their Trainee Scheme. Even for a newcomer with no major motion picture credits, they found me great opportunities suited the skills I’d acquired from previous (non-film) work. As I gained experience and they got to know me, CallTime helped me find my ultimate niche in filmmaking — which is where I still am, many years later!
I can honestly say that CallTime is an extremely valuable resource for our industry. They find us wonderful new talent when we need it, and jumpstart the careers of brilliant newcomers who mightn't be able to make the right connections otherwise. Furthermore, CallTime training is the most useful I have encountered in the UK, sharing essential information for anyone planning to go anywhere near a film set. Having benefited greatly from their training myself, I couldn't recommend it more.

Amelia Stephensen

Textile Artist: Dune: Part II, Napoleon, The Little Mermaid, Black Widow.

I’d advise anyone wanting to break into the film and TV industry as a runner/PA to sign up with Calltime. You can gain experience on such a wide variety of projects all with expert guidance; the perfect way to start.
They have also been a fantastic way for me to find new members of my team as I trust their opinion completely.

Zoe Liang

First Assistant Director

What CallTime do, in training people what the job is about, is really important. For people to come onto a film knowing what is expected of them is really really important.

Callum McDougall

Executive Producer

Calltime are a fantastic company. Run by two amazing experienced film people. Whatever my needs have been they have surpassed them. Finding a good runner will never be a nightmare again.

Sarah Hood

2nd AD

I’ve used CallTime over many years, and on many shoots in London and beyond - often at short notice.
The speedy response from the CT team allows me to quickly fill gaps in every changing schedules.
CallTime crew have been involved in large scale shoots across drama and features and the calibre of people they send me is always consistent. Well prepared, on time and ready to work. Such a pleasure seeing this amazing company go from strength to strength

Ben Ahmed

Supervising Location Manager

CallTime has been a great support and necessary resource when looking for staff. Feedback is always taken on board and the training provided gives the PAs a really good grounding before they come into a busy office. Thanks Tamana & Vicki for the quick replies at all hours!

Sheerin Khosrowshahi-Miandoab

Production Supervisor

Being with calltime has given me the confidence working within the film industry, by helping build my contacts within the AD team, which has led to ongoing and future work. Tam and Vicki are also both so lovely and always there to support you as well as organising additional training and advice.

Jade MacCready

Set PA/3rd AD

I would never have got into the film industry without Vicki and Tamana. It's as simple as that! Their support and guidance felt very personal and gave me the confidence to grow. Now Calltime is the first place I go to for high-quality crew. I can always rely on them for last minute help and everyone I've hired has been hard-working, consistent and well prepared. 

Laurence Cooper

Production Executive

So much of this industry is who you know. CallTime gives people starting out the invaluable opportunity to get in front of and meet a complete range of top AD's. Opening all sorts of doors for people to progress their career. In a way that no one else in the industry can match


Assistant Director

Joining CallTime made all the difference in my career development, working full-time in the Film/TV industry for the last five years. They have been an invaluable source of career advice that goes beyond a regular dairy service. For anyone I meet joining the industry, I always say joining Call Time is the best first step they should take.

Joseph Serfaty

Assistant to Producer

In all my film experience, there has never been an opportunity like this for young people to learn about the movie business. I hope that Calltime Company will be around for a very long time to come.

Michael Stevenson

Assistant Director & BAFTA Award Winner

I've worked with Calltime on many occasions across various films and locations and Tamana and Vicki have been brilliant helping me with crew. I particularly like working with their newly trained PAs out of London on distant locations and see them settle straight in and then go on and establish themselves in a competitive industry. 

Ben Quirk

First Assistant Director

Having such experience with working on a hugely varied number of films and TV shows, the CallTime team are always considerate of your own projects needs. Most importantly they have the knack of finding the right people for the right job. Which is not always as easy as you’d think.

Mark Hopkins

Unit Production Manager

Vicki & Tamana have created a fantastic platform for young up & coming PA’s & AD’s to succeed in the industry.
I’ve been working with them for the last few years and they have provided an amazing service in supplying great AD’s & PA’s.
I can always rely on them for last minute help, and I’ll be continuing to use their services for as long as I'm in the industry.

Paul Cathie

Key 2nd Assistant Director

I was lucky to join Calltime when I moved to the UK straight away with the help of the few AD's I knew in London at the time. It's been such an amazing help to create my network. I recommend Calltime to anyone that is asking me how I can get into the industry.

Vlad Cirdeiu

Third Assistant Director

CallTime are brilliant, over the years they have supplied great locations marshals for me. You can call Tam or Vicki any time, and they always have time for you, and they source the best people for the roles. Having also been involved in their training days, it is evident that they are passionate about what they do, and the training is fantastic.

Emma Pill

Supervising Location Manager

Calltime helped me gain entry into the competitive high end film and television industries, opening doors for me that had previously remained closed. Their selective process means that they really get to know you as an individual, and work to provide you with opportunities in line with your skills and interests. Through them, I secured a range of daily work, as well as my first contract with a large feature film. Since then, they have supported me as my career progressed, and have also helped me source new talent when I now am looking to hire crew. They are always quick to respond, nothing has ever been too much trouble for them, and I have been grateful for their advice and support over the years.

Arwen Gunter

Art Department Coordinator

When Calltime started I said “I have little doubt that calltime will become a major resource in the film & television industry”. It has done, and will continue to do so. Their repeat business speaks volumes.

Callum McDougall

Executive Producer of Skyfall, Spectre, Mary Poppins Returns, Snow White. Producer Into the Woods,1917

I can personally vouch for CallTime, Tam & Vicki launched me into my career 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Their care and support feels very personal and definitely unmatched from other diary services. CallTime is now the only place we’ll look for Production Assistants.

Kerryn Clements

Production Coordinator

I owe Vicki and Tam at Calltime my career. I moved to the UK with no contacts and they have consistently supported and offered me opportunities I would have otherwise never had. They still are 9 years on. They helped me get my foot in the door, progress through the ranks and get experience in the many different aspects of ADing there are. They were always a safe port of call for any queries, questions and uncertainties. They are the access and safeguarding entity this Industry needs!

Mac Montero

2nd AD

Calltime has been incredibly supportive throughout my career. From helping me get my first freelance role, to helping me crew up production assistant roles at the last minute. Vicki and Tam always send over options promptly, and any crew who I've had in have been wonderful!

Evelyn Rooney

Production Coordinator

CallTime has been invaluable for me both for finding PAs and 3rds with very short notice and also expanding my pool of crew for long term contracts. I can’t recommend them enough. Such an incredible way to gain entry into a notoriously tough to crack industry - I tell everyone starting out to join. I only wish it existed when I started in the industry!

Laura Jackson-Faulkner

Floor 2nd Assistant Director

I was fortunate enough to meet Tam & Vicki when Calltime was first opening their doors ten years ago. They immediately helped me enter an industry that initially felt hidden to a recent graduate like myself. Since then they have been an invaluable staple resource on every production I’ve worked on, and are the only programme I recommend to new and junior crew looking for a route in. Their training scheme is unrivalled, and CV’s I receive that have their emblem are immediately recognised as well vetted, capable crew which is exactly what this breakneck industry needs. I wholehearted cannot recommend this team enough to budding new crew.

Steven Baldwin

Production Coordinator

Every person I have employed through CallTime Company has turned up on time, been polite, hard-working and able to do their job well. I also get enormous support from the CallTime team who are incredibly good at matching crew with my team and for whom nothing is too much trouble.
For people wanting to get into our industry and facing that notoriously difficult brick wall, CallTime Company is even more invaluable, offering training, managing expectations, getting CV’s and people into Production and ensuring that their crew are treated properly and fairly. When I need staff, they are my first phone call. I use them on every single film I work on.

Suzie Shearer

Unit Production Manager

I joined Calltime towards the end of university, and right from the beginning Tam and Vicki have shown indelible support for me. Starting as a Trainee, they’ve helped me tailor my CV to industry standards, provided materials to help me understand how film productions operate, and have given me opportunities for work which has built up my experience. And now as a full time Diary Service Member, they continue their dedication towards supporting me, as they do with all their members. Navigating the industry can be difficult at times, and Tam and Vicki not only offer work, but advice and guidance which is very much appreciated, and has helped me many times. It cannot be overstated how helpful and important Calltime have been to myself, and many others.

Cameron Russell

3rd Assistant Director / Crowd 3rd Assistant Director

Vicki and Tam have spent the past few years working tirelessly to create a much needed industry service, helping many young people get their 'foot in the door’ in the Film/TV industry, while also providing a reliable platform for department heads to recruit vetted and enthusiastic daily and full-time crew members to support their teams.

Dan Cox


I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto CallTime’s trainee scheme back in 2018. I didn’t have any contacts in the Film/HETV industry and CallTime allowed me to get a foot in the door. They gave me my first lock off PA daily which was the initial stepping stone for getting me more work. I am now on their books full time. Tamana and Vicki are two of the most approachable people and I have asked for their advice on multiple occasions, they are always honest and understanding of people’s situations and the expertise and contacts they have is the best in the industry for entry and low level jobs. Wouldn’t be where I am now without both of their help!

Jess Simmonds

Set PA

I was lucky enough to be introduced to call time in the very early stages of my Career and I can say without a doubt I would not be where I am today with out them. They introduced me to the 1st AD who has continued to hire me to this day and I am eternally grateful for their continued support. They are always on hand with advice if needed and will always be my first call when I  now need additional runners. What they do for people breaking into the industry cannot be applauded enough. They kept me in solid employment when I started and I owe them so much!

Amy Jones

3rd Assistant Director