CallTime Ready has launched!

The film industry has always had a reputation for being tough to break into. Often the only way in was if you had a relative or existing contact in the Industry in order to gain your first role. 
Once you’re lucky enough to get that first opportunity, learning what came next was a job in itself! Even if you’ve studied film and media at University, nothing quite prepares you for your first day on a mainstream film and tv drama set! 
CallTime Ready has been created to change that.

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CallTime Ready is an online training course from the people behind CallTime Diary Service and CallTime Foundations Trainee Scheme, former Assistant Directors, Vicki Allen and Tamana Bleasdale.  After launching in 2013 CallTime Foundations scheme quickly became one of the major stepping stones for new entrants into the UK Film & TV Drama Industry. The CallTime Ready is a tailored course born from the insight of many years working within the Industry and helping New Entrants prepare themselves for a career within it.
The course can be completed in your own time, complete it in a day or complete as and when you have the time, you're progress will be saved. On completion you'll be issued a personalised certificate and number to add to your CV to show future Employers you're CallTime Ready!

Testmonials from those who have completed the CallTime Ready Course:

The Calltime Ready course is extremely useful for anyone looking to start out in the Feature Films and HETV Drama industry and understand the inner workings of a set. It provides in depth information on everything from CVs, to radio etiquette, to working with actors. The content is varied with educational videos, interviews with working professionals and quizzes and you receive a resource bundle at the end also, which is great. I highly recommend it. Even as someone with some experience prior to taking the course, I learnt a lot.
Emily Sewell

CallTime Ready was one of the most informative and helpful courses I've ever taken; as soon as I found the website I knew I had to try it out, and I'm really glad I did! I completed the course in just one day, and I didn't have any trouble understanding the content. I learned so many niche things that I probably wouldn't have been able to find anywhere else online, and it has really helped me to feel more confident when applying for PA roles.
Yvonne Nabukalu

Overall, it's a great package laid out well and easy to navigate. The interviews with the established professionals were excellent.
There is a lot of value in listening to professionals speak. Always little gems of information to take on board. Mr Stevenson is always a pleasure to listen to and someone with a wealth of industry experience and longevity. The resources throughout and the resource bundle at the end are excellent, a lot of information in one place for people to read through is helpful. CallTime Ready offers really good value and will definitely help people. As a package, it hits the aims and goals set out with lots of easy-to-digest information.
Andrew Fielding

Thank you CallTime Company for an amazing New Entrants Course for Film and HETV Drama.It offers a perfect blend of interview-format explanatory videos and textbook-style PDFs, making it a comprehensive and enjoyable resource. Completing the course in just three days, I gained a wealth of relevant and practical knowledge that would have otherwise taken me years of industry experience to acquire. I highly recommend it to anyone transitioning between industries or seeking to adapt to English language work environment.
Anna Filonenko

I really like the whole concept of this program.It has a lot of useful information in it. It is also nice that you will get a certificate upon finishing the course and it will show potential employers that the person has the knowledge needed for the first job. As the CallTime Company is an established company within the film industry, even though the CallTime Ready course is a new project, it will be quickly recognised by film industry professionals
Tomas Berka

Calltime has been incredibly supportive throughout my career. From helping me get my first freelance role, to helping me crew up production assistant roles at the last minute. … more

Evelyn Rooney

Production Coordinator


Can I add the CallTime Ready certificate to my CV?

Yes! Please do as this will show future Employers that you've attained a certain standard of knowledge for the Industry.

Do I get work from the course?

No, the course is an accreditation and will give you tools to help you find work yourself. It also gives you the knowledge and understanding of what is required from an Entry Level position in the Locations, Assistant Director and Production Office Departments.

Can anyone do the CallTime Ready course?

Yes, there are no requirements needed. It's open to anyone keen to know more about the Feature Films and HETV Drama industry.

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