Here you'll find a set of general FAQs, as well as some FAQs for the different CallTime Services. Still, got a question? Drop us a line


What are the different companies branches of CallTime?

CallTime Company is a Diary Service, for experienced Members, servicing mainstream Features and High End TV Dramas.
CallTime Foundations is a Trainee Scheme for those who are new to the Industry, who may have been working in factual or entertainment, basically anyone who has less than 30 days of expense or no expense in mainstream Film and TV Drama.
CallTime Connect is an online database for CallTime Diary Service Members and non Members if they have 3 credits in Feature or High end TV Drama.
CallTime Ready is a new online training course...coming soon!


How much does it cost?

£180 one of fee for the 6 months or until the Trainee has reached 30 days – whichever is achieved first!

How often does it run?

The scheme runs annually

When does it run?

Exact dates change every year but it usually start around April/May and runs till Sept/October. Current 2024 dates are still to be confirmed. We let the Industry 'climate' dictate the dates so the Trainees secure the best opportunities. Sign up for notifications.

Are places limited?

To secure the best opportunities for students we vary the amount of Trainees we take on each year.

Do I have to apply?

Yes all applications must complete an online application form.


Can anyone do the CallTime Ready course?

Yes, there are no requirements needed. It's open to anyone keen to know more about the Feature Films and HETV Drama industry.

How long is the course?

The course is roughly 8-10 hours depending on how quick you read and answer the questions, but there is no time limit and can be completed at your own pace.

Do I get work from the course?

No, the course is an accreditation and will give you tools to help you find work yourself. It also gives you the knowledge and understanding of what is required from an Entry Level position in the Locations, Assistant Director and Production Office Departments.

If I complete the course am I a part of CallTime Company

Not Yet!
CallTime Diary Service is open to applicants who have completed 30 days of Film & HETV Drama work as a PA in a relevant department. There is an application and interview stage before becoming a Member. Please read more here:
CallTime Foundations Trainee Scheme is hosted annually and again is a separate application and interview process. Please read more here

Can I add the CallTime Ready certificate to my CV?

Yes! Please do as this will show future Employers that you've attained a certain standard of knowledge for the Industry.


What are the entry requirements to join CallTime Company Diary Service?

All we ask is that applicants have over 30 days in mainstream Feature or High End TV Drama in order to apply.

Are the books always open?

We limit the number of Members on our books depending on time of year and climate of work within the Industry. We tend to close our books in October and reopen in the spring. In the meantime we run a waiting list for those interested in joining so it's always worth dropping us a line if you meet the criteria.

How much is it a month? Do you take a percentage of my wages?

CallTime Company Diary Service is £95 per month. All our members are paid directly by the productions they work with, we don't take a percentage of wages or overtime etc.

Do you have a jobs board?

We don't have a jobs board, all our members are notified about the jobs directly via email and messaged via Telegram. The Members then let us know if they are free and interested in the role.

As well as jobs, what else do members recieve?

CallTime also offer career advice, CV advice and 1-1 meetings, career workshops such as Cast PA, Crowd AD, 3rd AD etc We're keen to hear from Members when they may be wanting to move departments or step up as we can offer help and advice in those situations.


What is CallTime Connect?

CallTime Connect is a web app that connects Productions with Crew, anytime, anywhere 24/7. The online Crew profiles allow for secure searches of registered experienced Feature Film and TV Drama Crew plus the ability for Productions to access up to date availability and contact details.

How do I become a Member of CallTime Connect?

Everyone is eligible to join above the Grade of Runner/PA/Marshal, 3rd AD, Prod Sec. You must have the working experience required of 3 years in the professional Film and TV drama industry, plus 3 Contract Credits from a mainstream Feature Film and/or TV Drama in the designated Role of your application. This is simply so we can make sure the skillset of the database is at the correct level required for those using it. CVs will be checked on submission of profile and we reserve the right to refuse entry to the site if the criteria is not matched.

Can a PA join?

No, only PAs and Trainees on the CallTime Company Agency Database will be allowed Profiles on CallTime Connect. This is to maintain our standard of entry level Training.