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CallTime Connect does exactly what it says, we connect Crew and Production teams across the UK

CallTime Connect is a bespoke database that makes sure each Crew Member has the experience required for the Role they are listed in.
Crew are selected for the database by invitation only so we know exactly who is on site, their strengths, career path, skillset and UK base.
Productions and HODs submit a simple to use form that sets out what Role they are looking to fill, experience level required, location and rate band. Connect then checks availability against some of the best UK Crew.

Primarily focussed on Assistant Directors, Production Office Crew and Locations departments.

Is Connect right for me?

If you are an experienced Assistant Director, Production Office Crew or a Location Crew Member above Entry Level and looking to broaden your network, gain work between jobs and increase your profile then Connect is for you.

If you are a HOD looking to fill a Role and all your team are busy, then Connect can support your search to find a Crew Member who fulfils your brief.

What are the benefits?

For Crew:

• New Contacts
• Broaden your Networking
• Secure Online profile
• No fees - ?!?!
• Invitation only so no spam!

For HODs looking for Crew:
• Easy to use format
• Extensive search
• New Contacts
• No fees
• No cold calling
• Only receive Crew CVs that actually fit your brief
• New Introductions

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Being with calltime has given me the confidence working within the film industry, by helping build my contacts within the AD team, which has led to ongoing and future work. Tam … more

Jade MacCready

Set PA/3rd AD


How do I become a Member of CallTime Connect?

Everyone is eligible to join above the Grade of Runner/PA/Marshal, 3rd AD, Prod Sec. You must have the working experience required of 3 years in the professional Film and TV drama industry, plus 3 Contract Credits from a mainstream Feature Film and/or TV Drama in the designated Role of your application. This is simply so we can make sure the skillset of the database is at the correct level required for those using it. CVs will be checked on submission of profile and we reserve the right to refuse entry to the site if the criteria is not matched.

What is CallTime Connect?

CallTime Connect is a web app that connects Productions with Crew, anytime, anywhere 24/7. The online Crew profiles allow for secure searches of registered experienced Feature Film and TV Drama Crew plus the ability for Productions to access up to date availability and contact details.

Can a PA join?

No, only PAs and Trainees on the CallTime Company Agency Database will be allowed Profiles on CallTime Connect. This is to maintain our standard of entry level Training.

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