Vicki & Tamana have created a fantastic platform for young up & coming PA’s & AD’s to succeed in the industry. I’ve been working with them for the last few years and … more

Paul Cathie

Key 2nd Assistant Director

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There’s always more contacts to be made, even for the most established 3rd ADs, Set PA’s, AD’s and Production Office PA’s and Production Secretaries.

CallTime Company can support you in expanding your Contacts, filling gaps in your Diary, securing more contracted work and/or moving departments.

Looking for Crew? CallTime Can help you find exactly what you are looking for to complement your current Team or source a whole new team for you.

Keep the right Company, make contacts and get help managing your diary(something else here?) and building your network.
Find exactly the Crew you need through personal recommendation from the CallTime Team, every 3rd AD, Production Secretary, PA and Trainee is personally interviewed by CallTime.

CallTime are not a faceless jobs board we work hard to support and train our Members so they can be the best they can be, building on their experience and guiding them through the industry and up their chosen career path.

CallTime Company

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If you are looking for more Contacts, contracted work or support managing your work as a freelancer. Calltime Company is open to:

  • Set PAs
  • Cast PAs
  • Director & Producer PAs
  • Location Marshalls
  • Production Secretaries
  • Third Assistants Directors
  • Crowd Third Assistant Directors
  • Set/Floor/Crowd PAs
  • Production Office PAs
  • Lock off/Welfare PAs
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Calltime helped me gain entry into the competitive high end film and television industries, opening doors for me that had previously remained closed. Their selective process means … more

Arwen Gunter

Art Department Coordinator


How much is it a month? Do you take a percentage of my wages?

CallTime Company Diary Service is £95 per month. All our members are paid directly by the productions they work with, we don't take a percentage of wages or overtime etc.

Do you have a jobs board?

We don't have a jobs board, all our members are notified about the jobs directly via email and messaged via Telegram. The Members then let us know if they are free and interested in the role.

Are the books always open?

We limit the number of Members on our books depending on time of year and climate of work within the Industry. We tend to close our books in October and reopen in the spring. In the meantime we run a waiting list for those interested in joining so it's always worth dropping us a line if you meet the criteria.

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Entry Level

Break Into and Maintain A Career In The Film Industry

Not sure where to start? There are many opportunities if you want a career in film. Don't work for free, join Calltime Foundations Training Scheme and get well-paid on-set experience.

Online Learning

Enhance Your Knowledge in the Film Industry

Develop your film industry knowledge with experienced insight with Calltime Ready Online Learning. Learn at your own pace the skills required and be prepared for your first day of work!

Professional Network

Build Your Crew and Expand Your Film Connections

An 'invite-only' service for experienced crew already utilising Calltime Company. This service is for you if you are looking to expand your network and visibility in the Industry.