We’re pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for our 3rd annual runners training day.

As well as CallTime Company we’ll have Key Speakers who are at the top of their game in the industry.

As a runner, trying to break into the industry, whether it’s into the Production office, AD’s or Locations teams, our speakers always give an amazing insight into what they’re looking for from you, their Runners. On top of that they let you know how they did it and how they have managed their successful careers in a very tough and competitive industry.

If, after a day of listening to the harsh reality of what being a runner involves, and we haven’t scared you off, we’ll be accepting application to join our 6 month Trainee Runner Scheme. This involves a formal application and interview process, not all applicants will be successful.

Our Trainee Scheme is a way we try and break the whole vicious circle of becoming a runner, ‘How do I gain experience when I need experience to get the job in the first place?’. This is where we can help. We get asked for a variety of roles and some of these roles don’t require as much experience as others, lock off pa, stand-in runner, rushes runner etc. The trainees on our scheme are offered work which will build up their levels of experience without dropping them in the deep end. Eventually getting you in the film and tv drama industry in the position you want, whether this is production runner, key floor runner or location assistant.

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Tickets on sale now!