Our Backstory

Both Tamana and Vicki studied Media/Film/TV at university and then worked their way up the AD ladder. Once they started their own families, they wanted to stay in the industry they loved but wanted to be there for their young families the way they wanted to. So they stepped down as ADs and explored how to set up a new service to help ADs get good, reliable runners. Ta-dah...CallTime was born !

Read our backstory, not our life story, but us in a little more detail.


Tamana Bleasdale


“After graduating with a BA Hons in Media Production from Bournemouth University, I was very fortunate to be one of the few given a helping hand into the industry.

Once I was on the ladder I worked damn hard to prove I could do the job. During my career from a Runner to a 1st Assistant Director, I have loved the challenges, the pressures and mainly working with a crew of people who have become like a family.

Having worked as a 1st AD I realise how important your team is from your 2nd AD to your key runner to the daily runners. On the 2nd Unit for “28 Weeks Later”, we had 21 Runners locking off Westminster for an early morning shoot. Time was limited and there was a lot of pressure to complete the shoot in the very short period before the rest of London woke up. Every one of those Runners was essential for the safe and smooth running of the shoot. Having worked as a runner, I know there are times when you feel like you’re waiting for a big brass band to come bursting up the road but when you need a deserted London street even one tourist wandering through shot could jeopardise a whole mornings work.

“You’re only as good as your team” is so true and having a talented runner on your team is priceless.

That’s why Vicki and I have set up Calltime Company. We are passionate about getting the best runners for the job and being that helping hand that so many miss out on”.


Vicki Allen


“I managed to get my first job in film not long after graduating from my BA Hons degree in Film and Television from Salford University. Partly through luck, partly through persistence.

I always hoped working on films would be as exciting as watching them and I wasn’t disappointed. From working with Jackie Chan on top of a mountain in Thailand…amazing, to working in Trafalgar square circa 1939, filled with 400 extras, buses and cars, unreal. I’ve almost forgotten to mention my favourite part which is working with the funniest, most hardworking and talented crew, colleagues and friends.

Yes, there are long hours and early mornings, but these are soon forgotten as the jobs are worth it. I’d do it for free, (just don’t tell the Producers!) Now I want to help other graduates, like me, who love what they do.”