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The UK Film & TV industry does not rely on job adverts. It’s about experience, skill and connections. We offer just that - the right training, work opportunities and the introductions to priceless Contacts.

We carefully 'hand-pick' Crew for Film and HETV Dramas filming across the UK. The departments we cover are mostly Assistant Directors, Production and Locations. With a long-established reputation in production, we know how important it is to carefully match a brief. But we do more than that. We discover, mentor, coach, and train production personnel from the ground up. We invite the right people for a job and make the right connections.

We are more than a recruitment agency. We help you focus on your job role, learn new skills, and make the right connections.

Select the service that’s right for you...

Entry Level

Break Into and Maintain A Career In The Film Industry

Not sure where to start? There are many opportunities if you want a career in film. Don't work for free, join Calltime Foundations Training Scheme and get well-paid on-set experience.

Online Learning

Enhance Your Knowledge in the Film Industry

Develop your film industry knowledge with experienced insight with Calltime Ready Online Learning. Learn at your own pace the skills required and be prepared for your first day of work!

Career Progression

Join The Diary Service and Secure Jobs That Suit Your Skills

Sign up for Calltime Company Diary Service and increase your contacts. Receive relevant job opportunities, help secure longer contracts and fill your diary in between work.

Professional Network

Build Your Crew and Expand Your Film Connections

An 'invite-only' service for experienced crew already utilising Calltime Company. This service is for you if you are looking to expand your network and visibility in the Industry.

So much of this industry is who you know. CallTime gives people starting out the invaluable opportunity to get in front of and meet a complete range of top AD's. Opening all sorts … more


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