Calltime helped me gain entry into the competitive high end film and television industries, opening doors for me that had previously remained closed. Their selective process means … more

Arwen Gunter

Art Department Coordinator

Get ready to learn new skills, gain paid crew work and get hired.

The film industry is notoriously competitive and whilst it offers many opportunities, getting started can be difficult - many film jobs aren't advertised in the traditional sense, qualifications aren’t always as important as experience and how do you find work in the film industry when most entry-level work requires previous experience? Join Calltime Foundations our entry level training scheme for support in breaking into the UK Film and HETV Drama Industry.

CallTime provides progressive training. The main focus of Foundations is to provide a stepping stone into the Industry for those who don’t have a natural connection, to give New Entrants an insight into the skills required and lifestyle of a freelancer. And if it’s for them and where they see themselves in the future then to provide support to move forward as an experienced Member of CallTime post scheme.

After completion of the Trainee Scheme we have a 1-1 discussion with all Trainees to see where they’d like to go next. For many their goal it to accrue enough days to then join our success Diary Service to progress their careers to the next level.

CallTime Foundations Objectives:

Since being established in 2013 Calltime Foundatons has built upon our intitial objectives, or some similar words

Launching Soon

Check back here for the training scheme start date


To establish a recognisedstandard of excellence for trainees entering the Film/TV Industry


Clear at-a-glanc system of accreditation for work completed on feature films and High end TV drama.


Increase diversity within the creative industries


We offer opportunities for those from underpriviledged and under represented backgrounds.

Do you fit the role?

If you aspire to work in the Film & HETV Drama Industry and you’re not sure how to start then Foundations Trainee Scheme is perfect for you. Trainees on the scheme are...

  • Passionate about Film/Drama
  • Media/Film Graduates
  • Work Returnees
  • Unscripted Crew who want to move to Scripted
  • School Leavers(18+)
  • Career Changers
  • Those Interested in a freelance lifestyle and seeing what new Careers are out there

The film industry is booming. Film sets need enthusiastic, skilled workers.

I'm interested

I owe Vicki and Tam at Calltime my career. I moved to the UK with no contacts and they have consistently supported and offered me opportunities I would have otherwise never had. … more

Mac Montero

2nd AD


When does it run?

Exact dates change every year but it usually start around April/May and runs till Sept/October. Current 2023 dates are still to be confirmed. Sign up for notifications.

How often does it run?

The scheme runs annually

Are places limited?

Places are limited to a maximum of 120 places each year.

See more questions about Calltime Foundation and our other services

What next?

The film industry is booming. Film sets need enthusiastic, skilled workers. On the training scheme you will

  • Break into the Film/HETV Drama Industry
  • Get accredited fully paid trainee placements – is ‘placements the wrong word?
  • Gain entry level work (Taken out ‘on set’ so not just floor work and ‘experience’ as that feels like it would be unpaid)
  • Get prepared for working on set
  • Experience CallTime's Training Events – Take out? Unless they have access as part of the 6 months and we charge more or give them a discount?
  • Support gaining Entry Level work – Repetitive?
  • CV workshop
  • Gain experience to become a CallTime Company PA on our Diary Service
  • Never Work for Free!

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